Downloadable Liveries?

I personally think, and possibly many others think that downloadable liveries would be a great idea for the liveries that aren’t already in Infinite Flight, this way it would give us an even more realistic flight experience.

Do you think this would be a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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It would be cool, but people have to make them first.

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You can vote for these liveries in the #features section. These liveries have to be made by the developers. They aren’t generated.

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Are you referring to custom liveries?


custom liveries and liveries of airlines that aren’t already in infinite flight.

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Here’s a comment from chris regarding custom liveries. It also includes other similar feature requests.
As for liveries that are not currently available, you can vote for these by searching for them in the #features tab.

Guys, you will all be banned for making your own liveries as its against the TOS as @Tyler_Shelton said, unless you’re looking to be banned from infinite flight do not make your own liveries.

Found from an Archived Request Post

There are existing requests for custom/uploading/downloading liveries. Also a poll is not really necessary in #features since people can vote.