Downloadable area

After global is released and the devs start work on downloadable area. I hope that they will remake it to make it possible make longer flights using two separate area’s (regions as they are called now) The most popular area’s that I know of is California and New York. What would be better is to have Eastern US and Western US. I noticed that the Chicago Region has the Oshkosh Regions next to it. If the area was set up so that at the end of the Chicago Region you have General Mitchell International Airport and at the beginning of the Oshkosh Regions also had the General Mitchell International Airport you can connect your flight. So lets say you have southern California end at Monterey Regional Airport and Northern California start at Monterey Regional Airport. This would give you a flight from Los Angles to San Francisco. With the New York area you could have one area cover southern New England ( NY, CT, RI, MA) and another area Northern New England (VT, NH, ME). So that you can do a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Nashua Airport for the Sothern area and Nashua Airport to Augusta State Airport in Northern New England. Well it just a suggestion. However they do the new areas I hope to be doing some longer short distance flying.
Thank You for listening.

I’m sorry but I don’t think that this would be possible if you aren’t in global. Global is already going to take up a good amount of space, and doing this would mean even more space taken up.
Plus, this would be pretty much the same thing. Why don’t you want to do these flights in global?

By the way, this should probably belong in the #features category next time. However, since you are only trust level 1 (Basic user) please wait until you reach trust level 2 (Member) to post a features request. Thanks!