Download Planes on external storage

Hello Infinite Flight team! I have a little problem. When I play the online Mode, then it downloads automatically the plane, wich takes a lot of memory. I have a external storage but it downloads the planes all the time on my phone. Can I somehow dowload the planes on the external storage. That would be cool Thanks

Hi to you !!! It’s simple

uncheck the third box * Automatic airplane download *

I hope that I have solved your problem

@Simon_Joshua No, this is not the solution. That 3rd box just means, that the airplanes wont be downloaded on a cellular network, but only when connected to wifi.

@Jakub_Astary Oh yes it’s true I was wrong about the explanation. Thank you for reminding 😀👍

Of your saying what I think your saying is I might have the reverse problem. I have it set to auto download but no new planes. Ever. 🧐

Unfortunately that’s not possible.
Even when you move all IF data to the external memory, the app still uses the same amount of storage on the internal memory. So although it seens like the data can be moved, it actually doesn’t get moved at all.


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