Download planes again after 22.8

Why is it I have to download the planes and liverys again after 22.8 was released before 22.8 update was out I had all planes and liverys download why is this happening?

Hello Lachlan,

With the release of 22.8 there was some changes made to Infinite Flight’s Content Delivery Network which includes the downloading of aircraft and individual liveries. This is more than likely the reason why you will have to download planes and liveries again upon your first time using them after updating to 22.8.

I hope this answers your question and provides a little bit of clarity regarding the reason you are having to download planes and liveries again.

Have a good day!


Thanks mate on the reason why we have to download them again. Yeah i just fought it was a bit strange downloading them again because previous updates you didn’t had to download them

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