Download Itself

Did someone know how to fix Infinite Flight plane downloading by itself?I just download 2 aircraft and suddenly i go out and my phone say Storage Space has running out,i open infinite flight and saw there were 10 aircraft has succesfully download,i’m so tired of cleaning this game data for 5 times.Please help

You might have to delete and reinstall your app. And set automatic download to not.

This is most likely because when flying in live, you encounter aircraft that you have not yet downloaded.
Infinite Flight then downloads that aircraft, so it can display all the textures and stuff.

I think there’s a setting for this, but I’m not entirely sure.

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Hi Stephen,

When you fly online and go near another aircraft IF automatically downloads the model so it can render the multiplayer aircraft. Sadly there is no option to turn this off as seeing other aircraft is a necessity to fly online.

Hope this helps!