Download Ipad or Iphone App?

I have an ipad and an iphone… Which app should pay for and download?

With Apple, any purchases made on one device roll over to any other device with the same Apple ID.



You will be able to download Infinite Flight on both your iPad and iPhone. All app purchases that are made on the iPad can be transferred over to your iPhone if you so decide to play on your phone. Keep in mind that you will only be able to utilize Infinite Flight on one device at a time.

Hope this helps!


Buy it for any and use on any, as long as it is a supported device. If you are using the same Apple ID then you can just download it on the other device for free.

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Do what all those lovely people said ^

As for me, I love to play on iPad as it’s much easier and all buttons are in the right place (when you get used to them lol). Also, you are not risking loosing connection if someone will call you:)

Great job download Infinite Flight by the way!


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