Download error

I have since the new update, which has come a318-19, lost all aircraft. Who I want to download them again, always comes with a message: Error download package. Check internet connection, available storage space and try again later.
I’ve tried everything, reinstalled handy deleted (Photos apps I do not need) but does not always work for ?! What can I do? I have only the Cessena and who I’m going to play the app crashes at 70% !!! Help me please …

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may I ask where you bought the app: In the google playstore fir android or the appstore for IOS? What device do you use with what version?Also are you downloadingn over slow internet or a slow wifi?

IOS, still have version 8.3

No offense, but the pop-up notification and its font definitely makes it look like this is on iOS and it’s jailbroken, which means it’s possibly pirated.

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The font is because he has “Bold Text” enabled in the Accessibility settings, not because it’s pirated.

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Upgrade to iOS 9.1
If Jailbroken, restore to factory settings.

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