Download all planes at once?

So i havent play this game for months, and the old version of the game there was a button that says “download aircraft” which lets you download all of the the plane skins. But in this version i dont see any button :v , so is there a way to download all of the skin in one go without pressing the aircraft one by one and entering the game? And how much mb(megabits) does it takes to download them ? :)

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Your aircraft are downloaded while loading a flight. :)

So no, unfortunately there isn’t a way to download all at once.

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This is currently unavailable at the moment but there are a couple of feature requests to add this.

I think this is better for you, as it saves you storage and puts less work on the processor during flight and other activities. Yes they download whilst you fly for other aircraft in your surrounding area.

Ah ok, ty guys
Btw does anyone know how much mb for downloading those aircraft?

I don’t know but after playing Xplane I would guess these are only about 15-20mb without any livery downloaded. It mainly depends on the year of the aircraft made in IF

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