Download all option - Be able to download all purchases with one button

I just brought a new phone and am in the process of downloading all the IAP, as someone who has brought everything this isnt the easiest thing to do so I thought why not have a feature where I can download all my IAP with just one button press like on the play store where I can press update all or something to that effect.


The “restore purchases” button?

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I did think of that. But I think thats only on IOS, im on android and dont have that option :/

Sorry, so you have to buy everything again?!

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No. Not buy it all. Just download my purchases again. Just takes alot of time. A download all option would make it easier instead of having to touch each IAP one by one and download it.

Did you get your 747 sofia and 737bbj back

Yep. I downloaded IF with the same google account

certains paid planes/regions are already downloaded but are locked because you have to pay for unlock that.

I know that :p I meant like a download all option for the items you have payed for

He meant all the region/aircraft you own in single package/download rather then downloading one by one. Understood!!! Good idea. But same time dev’s want you to download what you need rather then having another option to delete the one you don’t want.

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We ultimately want this to be transparent where you set a cache size in the settings and we automatically download/delete aircraft based on how often they are used.