Why have I been downgraded after not playing for a while… I can’t always fly and it’s annoying basically having to start over again every time I log on :( I’ve been a member for quite a few years now but going from level 3 back down to level 1 again I don’t think is fair I worked hard for that and I can’t always commit to the 30 day requirements to level up again…

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Hello @MissB33,

You were downgraded due to the grade table. The grade table records landings, hours flying, and violations. Most of these are on a 90 day time period this is why you are downgraded because there is no activity for the game to log your landings/hours. Sorry about this but it is just how the game works you will be back to grade 3 in no time if you do a few flights and some landings!

Best of luck,

Also Welcome to the Community Were Glad Your Here!
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