Hi, I got promoted to grade 4 in the beta, and after I got the public release, 30 of my landing records disappeared, I wondered why did that happened


Please try doing a short flight on any server (at least a few minutes long) and let us know if it works.


It did fixed the issue however it disappeared again after an hour

Can you show me a screenshot of your grade table?

What’s your callsign? Is your account linked with the IFC?

It’s happened to me also plus many of my flights on beta missed .

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Is that an issue or the beta for testing only?

Maybe you have done touch and goes from 90 days ago. It will remove your 90 day landings EXACTLY when those landings were 90 days ago. So If you did all those landings at once then that’s probably the case.

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Hello! Try to fly in server 5-10 minutes, to allow server refresh your stats.
Regards, Shafran.

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You’re showing as Grade 4 on our end. I just refreshed your stats and it seems fine from our end but let me know if there is something specific which doesn’t look right after an app restart

Try doing a 1hr to 30min flight so it logs some flight time and landings. By the looks of your Grade Table, It could be possible that you made a certain number of landings one day and they just expired.

Im just spitballing ;)

Correct me if I have read something wrong.

I have noticed that aswell
My iPad Pro has had no issues running IF draining batt but is really is now.

190 landings? It may have been counting some before the 90 day period which may be why the count has dropped

For battery usage, that needs a separate topic, but it’s because your device is working hard trying to render everything. Generally, the recommendation there is to reduce your graphics settings (make sure Limit frame rate is on, and turn anti-aliasing off)

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not unless you continue to make landings etc.

Say you landed one day that landing is logged for that day. 90 days from now that landing will not count.

Hope this is helpful,

The 90 days requirement have been a part of the Grade since the Grade system were first introduced a number of years ago. It’s been tweaked a number of times since, but the principals & algorithm remains the same.

What you did 91 days ago, is removed from the 90 days parameters.
It’s the same way for the violation/landings ratio which you have for a 12 month rolling time period.

To be precise, it’s 90 days on the minute. That would be why your stats could be going up & down.