I was grade 2 and now im grade 1 due to too many violations

is it ever possible to get back to grade 2


It depends how many violations you have:) But yes, you will get back to Grade 2 eventually. A photo of your grade table will help.

8 violations

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I have it worse. I only have 5 total violations and I can’t go further than a grade 3. And the longest I’ve been a grade 3 was a week.

It seems like you will get back to Grade 2 in 24 hours :)

Could we see the grade table to confirm how days you have to wait!

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Yep. You will get back to Grade 2 in a maximum time of 24 hours. You can also refer to this table in the future:


You’ll be fine in less than 24 hours but I think you should refer to the violation page upon what causes vios because at this rate you couldn’t be in G3

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