I need some help because yestarday i was grade 3 everything normal -but i couldnt play on expert server was saying that i was disconnected from the server cause of grade the grade 2 but i was grade 3 and now i go in IF and im now grade 2

What do i do ?

It’s all there in your picture. You lack the minimum amount of landings for the past 90 days required for Expert Server.

You need 5 landings for the past 90 days. You have 3.


But yestarday i had 5 landings

Perhaps, but now you have 3.

It counts your activity for the past 90 days. What you did 91 days ago doesn’t count :)

But i did the last 5 landings for gtade 3 in like a week

But how long ago was that?

If you haven’t landed properly five times for the last 90 days, it’s all good.

I did because each time i landed and i ended the flight one landing mkved up

But if it was more than 90 days ago, it doesn’t count.
Just do a couple of more landings and you’ll be back as Grade 3.

Thank you.

Weel i did in a week but if i have to reedo the flight ill do it