His just happened, i got downgraded even though i have not been ghosed or anything

Speeding violations maybe?

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You just got 6 violations. Its obvious why you are now grade 1.


maybe describe what did u do instead?
system won’t downgrade u without reason :D

No, i only have 8 (all time)

No. You have 8 for the last 7 days. 6 of those are from today.

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You went over the limit for how many violations you have, therefore you were put down to Grade 1. They should be gone by the end of the week. (Next Saturday) Then, you will be back to whatever Grade you were.

If you need anymore help with anything else, feel free to look here:

no no this happened to me too!! The exact same number as you too! I think there is an issue in the game. I did nothing wrong

If that were true, there would be more than two people reporting it :)

Speeding is the cause I would say. Make sure to watch what you do in the sky, even if you have AP on.

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it’s so depressing, i’m a grade 3 and now i’m a grade 1. No one is going to take me seriously.

PM Chris_C pls, i gave him a reason… which is real

If you have any question about your account, I would go to @Tyler_Shelton. Just send him a PM with your issue(s), your display name and callsign! He can take a look at your violations and why you got them. Hope this helps!

Best of luck,

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No need for contact.