Downgraded without reason

Hello captains. I’m new to the community and got to grade 2 today. Then I had two violations for overspeeding. I finished the flight and restarted the game and notice I’m now back to grade 1. Is it accurate?

Could you please send us a picture of your grade table so we can better assist?

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Hello, This is because you where overspeeding.

This may help:

It’s probably because you have to much violations. But I’m not sure because I can’t see your grade table. Maybe if you send a screenshot we can help you.

Pretty good reason, if you ask me.

Hello Alan and welcome to the forum and the world of inifte flight!

@NationofAviation has provided a link to help you with the overspeed violations. Here is also a few other links that will help you with your time in the virtual air and also here on the forum!

Happy landings!


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