Downgraded without even flying

Renewed my subscription, started at grade 2 instead of my regular grade 3.

You need to keep your landings up per grade or else you get downgraded :)

You most likely didn’t keep the limit for landings over 90 days.
You need to have a certain amount of landings during the past 90 days to hold the grade.

if you click on the name and see your states there should be a button and then you can see how many landings you need to get back up.

Ohhhh, that’s why. School kept me away for about three months. Ughhh


if I remember correctly it is only five or ten landings that you have to do so not that many

I feel your pain, I got demoted to grade 3 from my grade 4. Don’t worry, you’ll get back to grade 3 soon.

Answered :)