Downgraded to grade 2 for no reason

A couple days ago, I opened infinite flight with normal expectations, and I saw that I could not load a flight onto expert server, because I was grade 2. The last time I opened infinite flight I was grade 3 and had access to it, and had not gotten any violations for a long time. The game downgrades me to about 5,000 less xp from the grade 3 limit, and about 5 hours less of the limit. I don’t know if this is because of the new 20.1 update or what. If anyone else is having the same problem please reply!

New update changed the grade system. Just grind a bit to get it back.

Some please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the grade requirements for certain grades where altered slightly with the 20.1 update.

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20.1 introduced new grade requirements.

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Yes, there were a number of changes to the grade table, making it harder to achieve a higher grade. But, you’ll get back there in no time!

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As others have said, there were some minor changes with the 20.1 update.

They are summarized in the blog article I’ve linked below:

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Hey there

You can find more information about the new grade requirements in the link below. I have also attached a screenshot of the grade requirements for all of the grades below for quick and easy reference. Please compare the table below with your current data to see what you could be lacking in. Anything orange on your grade table will indicate a deficiency in landings or hours. Orange values could also indicate to you that you may have exceeded the number of permissible violations as well.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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Thank you! I also have another problem with crashing, I can barely even fly. It’s a bit better in ATC, but still crashes a lot. I would occasionally have a crash before the update, but not it is happening every flight, and I am lucky to even get 5 minutes in. Does anyone know anything about this?

Yes and apologies for the inconvienance. The developers are aware of the crashes that folks are experiencing and they’re still continuing to work on solutions to combat that. A few ways that you can mitigate some of these crashes would be to begin reducing some of your graphic settings. That would be your biggest and most beneficial start.

In the link below, there are a few links within that have some helpful tips that I’d recommend taking a peek at.

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You’re correct!


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