Downgraded to a grade 2

I was a grade 3 and I had canceled my subscription and I just reinstated it and I am now a grade 2. Is this normal??

i believe there’s a certain number of landings to maintain grade 3 and above. If you would like, send an image of your stats table and someone would be able to tell you in a second what you need


I think what happened is you have to get a certain landing, flight time in 90 days. You probably didn’t fulfill that.

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You can tap your grade while in the menu to see the requirements for the next grade. 🙂

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During the time your subscription isn’t running your stats start to lower since you can’t fulfill the landing count in 90 days. So yes, this is normal and does happen forcing you to downgrade.

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In any case, just do 5 landings and you’ll be back up to Grade 3!

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Yup I think you are right

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