downgraded? [solved]

hey i was grade2 and now im grade one i meet all the requirements?
whats wrong?

What does your stats table look like? Can you send a screenshot?

You’re definitely missing something.

First, It may have been because of your landings (not your 90-day landing count). The landing count gets subtracted every now and then. If that’s the case, to keep your grade up, do some touch and goes for a change

Or, it could be that you may have got violations.

Smooth Skies,

You most likely got violations. Send a screenshot of your stats so we can confirm

Clearly you’re missing a requirement or have gotten too many violations in the recent past or else you would be grade 2. Post your stats so someone can help you read them

yeah i got 8 violations
im new here how do i close this

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One of our spectacular moderators will close it.