Downgraded from Gr 5 to 3 over a... yes, ant. Forgivness?

Have had great stats for months, if not a year. Was on a flight from LAX to SFO. Was probably only 5 mins from landing. Wife was in bed next to me and an ant was crawling on her. She freaked out. I dropped my iPad. Aircraft spun out of control. Tried to kill the app, but when I logged back in, I was already downgraded to Grade 3. Never saw a message on the screen, but apparently it triggered multiple downgrades… Any forgiveness for this scenario considering my track record?

If not, no big deal. Had to ask. Otherwise, enjoy my entertaining but absolutely true story. No joke.


Nope, I suggest getting rid of the wife 🙃


It’s unfortunate and slightly amusing, forgive me, but it is. That being said you will be back to grade 5 in 7 days so don’t worry.

Are you sure you have any violations? You can check your grade table once, because as far as I know, you won’t be grade three if you got any violations, you’d be grade 2

Lol Tom, stop it. Welcome him instead😡


I love the responses, sincerely. No offense taking. LOL.

No big deal. I just thought the story was funnier, mainly because it is actually true.

And… oh no, here comes a terrible re-assignment for subject title: “Ants on a plane” :/ …I know, I’m terrible. But I’ll keep my wife. She’s worth it.


I suggest getting rid of the ipad :)

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If you dropped the IPad, you likely pushed the nose down, causing the airspeed to increase. It went above 250 knots, causing unfortunate violations.

If something like that happens, I quit my flight. Just a tip for next time @enoughstatic :)

Brilliant 😂😂😂 good luck mate😂


A wife, Infinite Flight Grade 5 and a pet-ant? You’re living the dream, mate.

I’d love to see the replay of that flight


This is probably the best thing I’ve seen in a long time on IFC, I wish I could give you your grade 5 lol


Understood. However, that is exactly what I did. Military jet aside (no speed violation), otherwise you are correct. And so shutting the screen down apparently didn’t stop this in time. And yet: I look back on my historical data, and no flight indicates this. It is as if the data was corrupted before logging, but not for citation. LOL. There you have it.

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Right, DasMarc,
Soon I will have a colony of ants!

Okay, time to shut this one down. I’m a proud Grade 3 with a heroic story of surviving an ant attack in the cockpit and a wife that should have stayed back in the passenger cabin. Let it be known!!


Takes one spark to make an explosion… or in this case one ant to crash a plane. 😂😂😂

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Why does everyone have an IPad meanwhile I’m over here with my flip phone

Weird flex, but ok

Somewhere Indiana Jones is saying “it belongs in a museum!”


@anon66442947 are you listening? Tim has some helpful advice for you and your brick phone.


Best topic about a violation I have ever seen 🤣


Don’t worry, If it’s a violation, It will be over in a week, Lost my Grade 2 one day and got banged back into Casual… FeelsBadMan

You have posted this before… I remember, sometime last year… or at least I saw something like this with KLAX and KSFO and and ant