Downgraded and unable to go back to previous grade

Had some violations, but now I’m stuck in grade 1 for almost 2 weeks…can I go back?

Hello Mauricio and welcome.

Send a screenshot of your grade table so we can see what you need to reach the desired grade again.

If you don’t know what or how to reach it then take a look at the topic below:

Here is another one telling you what each variable means:



Thanks for responding and here is my information:


Thank you


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I don’t believe the image has been sent/uploaded correctly. Perhaps you could try again?

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Sorry, hopefully you are able to se this one.

PNG image.png

Make sure the image has finished uploading before pressing reply. You’ll be able to see the image in the preview pane when it has uploaded successfully.


It’s a rolling look back period.

It only ‘resets’ if you don’t continue to receive violations. If you look in your logbook you can see when your last was, I’d show you an example…but, um, I don’t have any. But they’re in the right-most column.

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It has been downloaded and saved. I am attaching the screenshot.

PNG image.png

I am attaching the screenshot from the iPad

Last time I had violations was 1/11/19

Okay, but as you keep posting images we can’t see, we don’t know what threshold you don’t meet. But you can, by going to the grading table (a detailed explanation of which is linked above) and looking for whatever numbers aren’t green.

Then make those green. Without an image, we can’t really say anything else.


Hello, well I do t know what else I can send you. I send you screenshots of my records and still you are not able to see.

Hi, the only requirement for you to reach grade 2 is to complete 4 more landings.

Your ratio of landings to violations for grade 2 must be 1 or below. Since you have 27 violations and 23 landings, (27/23 = 1.17) you are unable to reach grade 2. 27 landings will give you 27/27 = 1.

Hope this helps!

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And this are landings under solo or casual server? Thank you Naro

These landings would have to be in the casual server, as data from solo flights aren’t logged in the grade table.

The stats displayed in the grade table are for any of the live servers (casual, training, expert).

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Thank you again


We were now, because these images actually showed up. The ones previously were probably only visible on your side because they were local on the device or something.

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