Downgraded and can’t reconnect to live servers

I was doing a flight from KMIA - KMCO when on the descent the speed hold disengage I got three speed violations before I realized it and I was downgraded from grade 2 to grade 1 and can no longer reconnect to live servers to get my grade back up.

You are sadly going to have to exit the server and then you will be stuck on the Casual Server until your violation cooldown is over. Check your Stats (Click your name in the top right corner and then tap the “i” next to your grade)… Take a screenshot of it and post oit here so I can get a better sense on how long you are going to have to wait to get back onto the Training Server. Don’t fret though, you can still fly on the Casual Server and collect XP, etc.


Guess what? Spawn in at TNCM on the Casual Server with me and a few other of my friends in a C208. We are going to do 2+ patterns to get you back on the Training Server! You need to have a 1:1 ratio of violations:landings in a 12 month period for Grade 2. :)

@Luke515 Let me know when you are ready


Ok i will be on in five minutes


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