Downgrade to level 2

Ok, so after very hard work of getting to grade 3 and the expert server, i got a violation. I got downgraded to 2. How long is the ban, and how can I get back right now. If I do a flight to back, what server should it be and how long should it be? It’s annoying.

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Any level 2 or level 3 violation that you receive effects your grade table statistics for a period of exactly 7 days from when the violation was received.

In 7 days time, pending you still meet all the other requirements for Grade 3, your grade will return to grade 3.

Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and I’m sure we’ll be happy to assist and answer them for you.

Have a great day!

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Thank you so much! Just wondering if their could be a way to get back to level 3 in less than 7 days.

Unfortunately there wouldn’t be. Only way this would be possible is if you appeal your violation and are successful in the appeals process if you believe the violation was incorrectly or unfairly issued.

You’re more than welcome to contact the appeals team but please note that their decision on whether or not your violation will be reversed is final.

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Instead of trying to rush back into the Expert Server, you can try using this week off to understand why you got a violation - and learn from your mistakes.

It will not only prevent you from getting more violations in the future, but also help sharpen up your piloting skills. 🙂


Good idea, thank you.

Hi, same thing happened to me. It’s already been 7 days and I’m not back in grade 3. I will attach a photo regarding this.

As your table says, you have too many Level 2/3 violations in the last year (last row of your table). You also have too many Level 1 violations in 7 days.

Also, considering your violation record here, I think it might be in your best interest to stay on Training until you can get a better sense for the rules.

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And when will I be back in grade 3?

Entirely depends on how long ago you got your level 2/3 violations. You will return to Grade 3 when your oldest one in the past year passes 1 year old. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the server restrictions.

My last level 2 violation was 77 days ago, so I have to wait a whole year until that passes!?!?! I thought it was only seven days!
I’m literally crying right now!?!?

My oldest violation (level 1) was 152 days ago!

No, the one that is the furthest back. You’d have to scroll through your violation history to find it but it is the violation (level 2 or 3) that is the most days ago.

I’m not sure I understand, I’ll send n a pic of my history

My oldest level 2 violation was 77 days ago!!!

I think you have a violation that was between 152 and 365 days ago and it’s just not showing because there’s a limit on how many violations are shown (because I only count 5)

Regardless, let me stress this again: someone with this kind of violation record should not be on Expert. The frequency of violations here shows either a lack of knowledge about the rules of the server or a lack of care, both of which are not ideal situations. The game is keeping you at Grade 2 for a reason, so take the time and hopefully you can clean up your game when you get back on Expert. Good luck.


Thank you, but what amount of time is left until I can access expert again?

I can’t tell you because I don’t have access to data further back than 152 days, perhaps a moderator could look for you.

Ok, l really appreciate your help

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