Down to Grade 3

I just checked my stats and I am grade 3. I used to be grade 4 and I didn’t even get a warning before I got ghosted. Please help.

You could not have gotten ghosted if your grade 3 :)

If you are grade 3 then you didn’t get ghosted. This means that your 90 day landings fell below the requirement. (Most likely) can I see a picture of your grade table to confirm?

You mean grade 2 not grade 3 if you get ghosted you have to be grade 2!

I was grade 4

I think it was 1 violation because you cannot have any violations in the last week to be grade 4 or 5

Not to worry. You just have to do some landings to get back to your Grade 4. 👍 Check the “number of landings” and see how many you need to do.

I was grade 4 and now I am grade 3

Ok I’ll do that then

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A quick pic of the grade table will tell everything

Everyone should stop speculating, @Logan can we see a picture of your grade table to confirm?

Sure thing

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I just checked replay as well. I was grade 4 on Wednesday, then I checked my most recent flight and I was grade 3.

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Yep, just like I said. You just need to do 9 more landings and you’ll be grade 4 again!



Ok I’ll do some pattern work

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Thank you guys!

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You can tell what the issue is by looking at the color. Green=good orange=not so much

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