Down To Cape Town! (LTFM-FACT)

I thoroughly enjoyed this Flight, and I’d 100% recommend this to anyone who wants a long haul scenic flight, it’s truly amazing!

For this flight I used the Turkish Airlines A330-300, although they are currently operating their 787-9’s on this route. (They used to use the A330) And yeah, enjoy the photos!

Server: Expert
Flight time: 10:15

Loading at the gate!


Over Egypt in the very early morning! 🇪🇬

Sunrise! 🌄

The hot South Africa! ☀️

Above the green Tanzania! 🇹🇿

Scenic descent into Cape Town!

Butter? 🏔

Off-Loading and de-brief! 😌

Hope you enjoyed!

(By the way, this is my first ‘real post’ , beside me saying hello to the community… And, not all of these are in order, my editing and photography is trash 😅)