Down to Bermuda

Hoi. Earlier today, I saw a Coast Guard C-130 that landed in Bermuda on Flightradar24, and it inspired me to do a flight similar to this. I decided to fly a flight in the U.S. Coast Guard C-130J from Elizabeth City, NC (a Coast Guard base) to Bermuda 🇧🇲. It was a fun short flight that I highly recommend. Here are some photos I’ve captured from the trip!

Detailed Flight Info

Server: Expert
Aircraft: C-130J
Route: KECG - TXKF
Flight time: 1 hour 30 minutes

My FO and I are tense as we get ready for departure

A nice smooth takeoff out of Elizabeth City Aiport

Flying over the North Carolinian beach goers


On the approach into Bermuda

A somewhat smooth touchdown

Let me know which photo was your favorite, and as always have a great rest of your day!

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Fo and captain are designed as twin brothers. Nice photos.🧐

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no more el classico

Maybe this route is the new el Classico 😳

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very cool. I saw that coastguard plane irl, it landed a few minutes before I landed back in Bermuda for Christmas break

Woah, it’s cool that you’ve been there before!

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I live there lol, I just go to boarding school in the us

Ah. Should have read your profile before saying that lol

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no worries. always happy to see someone push the bermuda supremacy

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always love seeing photos of my little home island

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