Down to 4 contenders for KPIT renovations

The Allegheny County Airport Authority has announced that it is down to 4 contenders for the design team for the nearly 1B$ renovations at KPIT.

The airport is ranked very high, but having walked through it it is a bit old. In 2017 it became the first US airport to be ranked airport of the year, and has received numerous other awards. The airport most notable for it’s X shaped terminal, fairy spacious design. Part of that spaciousness unfortunately is caused by in used gates. Evere since US airways pulled out the airport has been on a steady decline. Prior it had a BA 747, and US A330 with service to London, and service to several other Europe destinations, today just 3, 2 of wich started last summer. Only recently has the airport pulled out sum what of this, as I previously mentioned we gained 2 Europe flights (WOW, and Condor). The domestic market was hit hard two. Pittsburgh still lacks several important services. Until this upcoming September there is no Seattle servace. SFO was only added two years ago. Yet we still lack several others like Vancouver, and many routes that are served are only by one airline. So many gates will unfortunately be on the way put, and possibly a runway as well. Frankly that last one makes sense. What does not is that it is roumpred to be the longest one capable of handling 77, 74, and the like. I understand scaling back. And honestly we don’t have enough traffic to need 4. But getting rid of the big one when they are pushing expansion does not make much sense to me. Personally as much as it looks awesome we will be losing things like the Bombardier Transportation built people movers. They are selling this as an airport for the people not USair. That is mostly true, and I like a lot of people like that. USair is kinda hated in Pittsburgh. They kinda screwed us over when in 1987 they requested a new bigger airport, in 1992 that was done. By 1995 they were gone. And then skipped us on their final flight flying directly over head going to PHILLY! But byond that we do need a new airport. So let’s get into that. The Allegheny Airport Authority has approved nearly 1B for a new terminal wich is rumored to be a Y instead of an X (very disappointed) and will be one Air, and ground side terminal. Here are some renderings, and an article, Enyoy!


Now keep in mind these are renderings before a final designer is chosen.


Wow, interesting.

What is your opinion on this?

As someone who has been this airport a few times, I would gladly see it re-done. It’s not the worse and not the best but could use a rework! This is also wanna of my favorite airports to go to!

The second photo looks nice. At the same time, I would like a design company that can stay in budget and not bankrupt the city. That usually seems to be an issue with these types of large projects.

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Mixed, especially if they get rid of the one runway, that is the one with the best spotting location where you can get shots with pit standing on some sketchy access road. Otherwise it looks nice. But at the same time I think that they need to keep priorities in check, it needs done, but not everything like they seem to want to. The stand-alone X has a lot of benefits, for example there are two ways for aircraft to get around it, so things don’t clog up. Over all IDK I want to see final designs befor drawing a total conclusion…


Ha, lol I just realized Dicks sporting goods is gona freak out if they take out 28R/10L can’t wait to see that argument 😂

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Ya the second one is the one I don’t like, that is the proposed change to the Y instead of the X…

Definitely not the worst airport in the US

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That literally looks like the rendering that KCMH - Columbus - John Glenn Intl has made for there future plans too. It seems like this X configuration is getting pretty popular. @KPIT have they said if they are tearing down the current terminal once they are finished building?

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I dont know when or if they will tear it down, curently there is a “ground side” terminal with TSA, check-in, baggage etc. And an “air side” terminal that is a stand alone X, looks likevthey may just be conecting them. After school I will send a diagram that should explain it better…

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