Down in Brussels

Heathrow went for a busy ride and much people going for approach’s every time and to come in a empty airport in EU in Expert server And don’t mind me if I use something unrealistic
Flight time:1:04
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-700 (British airways which was actually from Maersk UK)

Tell me what you think about the photos


I think I saw you in the IF skies, I was IBVA863 :)

And that’s a very nice pic mate👍

Nice and crispy… Love it!

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Great photo! Nice shot with the fog/cloud.

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Huh. Never knew there was a BA CRJ7 in IF.

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it was actually in Maersk air UK (Which ceased operations in 2003) which has that BA livery but owned in like a different airline or something like Comair british airways with the 737-800 in South africa