Down grade


hello, a week ago, I dropped from grade 3 to grade 2 due to vio having to return on Thursday yesterday to grade 3 and until now there has been no grade increase…

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Just do a quick flight on casual server and it should go back to Grade 3.


I see that your violations are 8, while the limit is 5. You need to wait a little bit more for the 3 violations and then you are back on track.


I guess you now need to wait for the 0700Z series Vios to be gone. This is because your ES access will be granted exactly 7 days (to the minute) after the last vio was issued.

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Those should’ve gone 23 hours ago - @Rizalsatria do a quick flight on Casual and see if that resets things.

I see that you scrolled down a bit, can you atleast show us the VERY top of your violation table?

Ok. So it seems you should be Grade 3 again based on that history.

Do a short flight on Casual and see if that resets things.

Also how are you regularly getting so many overspeed violations.

thank you for giving suggestions and I’m back to grade 3

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Glad it worked. We got there in the end :)

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Issue resolved