Down grade from iPad to iPhone

I had to down grade from my ipad to iphone because for some sort of reason the screen doesn’t respond to a touch. Now I need to work with a smaller screen.

It’s difficult at first, but you will get used to it. I had to do it when my iPad 4 became to laggy, so I had to use my newer iPhone 6 which can handle the better graphics

Ok thanks for that but the bad thing is that I have an iphone 4s.

As long as you lower the graphics settings so that Infinite Flight runs smoothly then it will be the same (you just have to adapt to the smaller screen)


Also how about live.

What about live? If you mean accessing live then you can still use it on the iPhone if you log in with the same account you used on the iPad for live

No I mean how smooth live will be.

I can’t quite answer that for you because I haven’t used Live on an iPhone 4S, but I would recommend lowering your graphics settings to ‘Low’ and turning Anti Ailising to ‘Off’. In the Live settings you could also lower plane count. This should help it to run as smooth as it can

Ok thanks.

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I used to control and fly on an iPhone. Not as good as a tablet screen, but still very usable.

I use it only in an iphone6 so i dont know how it works in a tablet but i have to say that works perfectly in my iphone.

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I have a 4s. It is really laggy and the battery drainer. Turn down the graphic settings and you should be alright. Not sure about live though.

Ok thanks all of you.

Maybe is time to change your ipad?😜

The reason for the down grade was because my Ipad’s screen won’t respond to a touch so I couldn’t unlock it.

Have you try to restart your Ipad?? It happened with Iphone but i restarted and it worked again

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Thanks it actually works now!!
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