Dow Jones approves Alaska / Virgin America Merge

The Dow Jones has just approved the Alaska-Virgin America merge. With this the merge can now be completed as this was the hardest step in completing the merge. Alaskan was not asked to divest any assets with the DOW clearance.


More info to come




Does this mean Virgin America will cease to exist or will they keep it as a separate subsidiary?

This means that the merge has been given clearance to happen. No word if they will make it a subsidiary or cease VX

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I’m actually really excited to see how this merger process will play out.

So VX will not exist?

Rip how Alaska Airlines just made a new Livery.

Alaska bought Virgin America

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Good for Alaska! Mergers are a part of the industry if we like it or not and lately I like them a lot.

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Doesn’t mean they might not have a merged livery.

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Yeah, didn’t American merge with 10+ other Airlines? Hahaha

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I doubt they will, I also hope they won’t. Alaska has such a nice livery now.

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Exactly what I mean.

12 Actually! US Airways accounts for 6 of them and then American has 6 of its own (including the US Airways/American merger)


I really like how American honors the past airlines with the heritage liveries.

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They do look amazing!

Uh, Dow Jones? Why would a stock index have anything to do with a merger?


I just realized that, He got the DOW and the DOJ mixed up lol, someone change it

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Can’t edit another regular’s post. It’s another one of those unwritten rules that apparently became a thing.

This sounds very interesting! I’m very curious as to how this will end up.

Really hope they keep separate liveries, like how Alaska says “proudly all Boeing” on their 737s. Reminds me of the later Continetial Airlines.