Dove of Peace flying over Ukraine and Russia

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There is a phrase that says “No one benefits from a war” do you agree with this phrase?
Let’s make peace and find the intersection of two circles that have differences, lower the tension, finish with a clear mind.

Hello community, welcome to this thread! This thread is the only way I have been able so far to convey a message of peace over all the conflicts that are happening in this world. This post is also intended for Ukrainian citizens who are affected by this conflict, especially for Infinite Flight players who come from Ukraine and as a message of peace to all Infinite Flight Player friends wherever you are

Yesterday I saw an email notification from Flight Radar 24 that a man in his 80s used his hobby to fly a flight path in the form of a Dove above Berlin airspace, as a message of peace for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Inspired by that I tried to do something similar over Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia but virtually.

I started this flight from Kyiv Hostomel Airport (UKKM/GML) and ended up at the same place. The reason I chose this airport is because this is the Homebase of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya destroyed because of this conflict and to remember the service of this plane during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flight Detail:

Date of Flight : 15th March 2022 (Rescheduled to 18/03/22, Actual Time Depart: 06:01:07)
Callsign : TR-UCE
Aircraft : Cessna Citation X
Livery : Generic Livery
Flight Path Distance : 2828nm
Total Flight Flight : TBA
Flight Level : FL090
Cruising Speed :

Waypoint Speed Flaps
Fix 4 125kts 30°
Fix 7 250kts
Fix 12 150kts 15°
Fix 13 125kts 30°
Fix 16 250kts
Fix 20 140kts 30°
Fix 21 125kts 30°
Fix 27 250kts
Fix 36 125kts 30°
Fix 41 250kts
Fix 51 150kts 30°
Fix 52 125kts 30°
Fix 57 250kts
Fix 61 125kts 30°
Fix 65 250kts
Fix 74 160kts 15°
Fix 75 125kts 30°
Fix 81 250kts
Fix 89 125kts 30°


The point is when the plane is about to approach a sharp turn or a tight FPL, I must be prepared to slow down the speed to 130kts and down and use 30° flaps to avoid stall.

Flight Plan :

First Peace.fpl (66.7 KB)
Second Peace.fpl (22.6 KB)

If you want to trying this flight path, you have to file FPL one by one starting from First then Second, to avoid errors on your Infinite Flight.

I flew this flight with callsign TR-UCE, which has meaning “an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time”. Using any WEAPONS won’t solve any problem! Peace must be brought there soon

Finally, If you want to follow my flight, you can monitor it via Live Flight Tracker or Map-Flight

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding” - Albert Einstein


Glad to see you didnt end flying in piece(s) 🤣🤣🤣


Luckily, it’s virtual.

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That’s awesome to see, I really hope you will have a great flight Mr!


Thank you Baba! <3

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No problem Mr ;)

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This is so cool, mad respect 🙏🏾

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Thank you! <3


The flight had to end because the app crashed, I’ll try it again tomorrow :(

**Franklin D.Roosevelt : “War is young men dying and old men talking”


I fully support your decision to embark on this flight in order to promote world peace.

‘World peace is one project that we have to do together.’

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Thank you for your support! <3

Highly agree, peace is a common homework that we must strive for at any time!

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Yo. My guy, this actually put a tear on my face 👏

Glad you’re spreading a message of peace. I hope and pray this whole thing turns out aight.


Thank you for your support mate!

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UPDATE 18/03/22 (06:09:42Z):

TR-UCE just left Kyiv Hostomel Airport (UKKM/GML) to start making the path of the Dove of Peace over the skies of Ukraine and Russia.


Nice Flight Rick!

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Very nice flight!

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Thank you @The-Myth & @abang_fayyad!

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UPDATE 18/03/2022 (09:19:31Z):

After flying 3hrs26mins, TR-UCE is already over Moscow to enter the Path of Olive Leaf carried by the Dove of Peace.


UPDATE 18/03/2022 (17:09:37Z):

After flying for more than 11 hours, TR-UCE has passed the last turn on the Dove of Peace path and will soon land at Kyiv Hostomel Airport (UKKM/GML) in less than 1 hour