Douglas Dilemma

Im in a middle of a crisis between the MD11 or DC10 so please can you help me all opinions will be valued

Safe landings

I’m in a crisis too. Mashed potatoes or fried potatoes for dinner tonight.

Please elaborate! What are you trying to accomplish so that we can help you?


Personally, I prefer the MD-11. The reason for that is that it has a SWISS livery. And I think she’s way more beautiful than the DC-10.

The cockpits are pretty much the same. The MD-11 is longer though. Plus, the MD-11 has a greater range and she’s faster.

As I said, at the end of the day I think you’d be happy with both of them, but I prefer the MD-11.

Oh, and @Levet:
Definitely fried. Fried is always better. I mean, you wouldn’t mash chicken, would you?


Wow, your jokes…

I know I’m off topic, but I just had to say that

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Mashed potatoes. Stay Healthy and be a great mod.


Please refer to this article if you want to know about both aircraft and thier differences.

MD-11 / DC-10 comparison - Varrin's World

Guy, let’s stay on topic please. I don’t understand why we have to discuss this. It has to be fried.

Funny as always, but since I’m actually not only Swiss, but also half German, I can be serious as well:

You can compare the planes in real life although that won’t help a lot because they’re very similar in Infinite Flight. The main difference is the look of the model so you basically have to decide whether you like your plane short or long. As I mentioned earlier, the MD-11 has a great range as well. But that’s not very significant in Infinite Flight.

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Go on solo and fly each one and see which one you like better, the DC-10 will get you across the pond if your looking for that. I like the DC-10 better cause it’s smaller but I like both of them especially the MD-11 Fedex and delta livery.

Party pooper. This is why we can’t have nice things. 😩


It’s all a matter of weight ratio, can a 5 oz bird carry a 1 pound coconut? 😏

Honestly though, choose whichever one your finger lands on(no pun intended) first-you won’t be sorry either way.

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IMO, the MD-11 is the visually superior aircraft, with those wingtips and some nicer liveries. The DC-10 has the range advantage game and can go pretty darn fast if you’re looking for that. If you’re not familiar with either, the MD-11 feels easier to land while the DC-10 has a high stall speed and can get finicky on final (and the ground). Neither one is easy. They are both, however, a joy to fly.

I like MD11 for cargo flights and DC10 for passenger


Haha get it because MD-11 and modern both have MD, and DC-10 and defunct both have DC? Anyways you should be able to tell my opinion.

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Fried potatos… Not the best, but both worlds…

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Just read the two sentences after „Let’s stay on topic“ and you’d see that it was sarcasm :)

Anyway, what did you decide @J2S?

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They are both included in the mandatory subscription if you want any of the MD11 / DC10 models.

Like many people say… The DC-10 has a range advantage over MD-11

Drives me nuts that the MD-11 only gets 12:30 hrs of fuel…

I prefer the DC-10 it’s got great range and I don’t like the singlet things on the MD11 it also has The Air NZ livery

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MD and DC word play HILLARIOUS

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What did you end up choosing in the end? I’m rather curious :)