Douglas Dilemma Part 2

Again my problem with the DC-10 and MD11 is playing up and its giving me a headache so please support me in this tough time for me

Please can you help me all opinions are valued

Safe Landings

What? Some context to this would be good.

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@J2S - As @schyllberg said above, please elaborate a little more. What kind of dilemma are you having?

Looking through your profile, I came across this:

Also visit my Douglas Dillema topic and vote on what plane i’ll be using (DC10, DC10F, MD11 or MD11F)

Why don’t you decide on your own? Please don’t clutter up the forum with topic like these. Your first Douglas Dilemma topic was closed for a reason. Thank you!

Jake :)

I don’t see how this is a delimma

I assume you are referring to this:

If so, here’s my answer:
Fried. It’s the best. Am i right or what @Levet?

Flip a coin. Take control of your own decisions! Or something.