Douglas DC 4 Buffalo Livery

Who would like to have this one on IF?
They still use this aircraft I guess…



A very classic aircraft, I’d love to fly this one.


MaxSez: Buffalo Airways, One of Canada’s finest.
Great reality series on TV look for it…


Its not Alaska. Its in Canada around the Northwest Territories. Their base is in Yellowknife. Google there is even a TV show about it all

MaxSez… @tacobell1015… I stand corrected Taco. Watched the serie about Bufflo Air. Got the TV series mixed up with Flying Alaska. Both the Territories and Alaska look the same to me in winter. What the hey… Regards


I just love old-style cockpits!


I guess you are right that they look the same in the winter

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa no. An aircraft that has been out of production for about 70 years is not going to make an appearance in Infinite Flight. Plus, you only advertised one livery. This aircraft doesn’t have a place in IF.

Why are you so sure the DC-4 will never make it into IF? The Spitfire was invented 80 years ago, and we have its Mk VIII variant.

@13yearoldpilot. Manny, who lov’s ya “Baby”! You certainly are opinionated son. With all your experience in life I don’t know if I d trust you judgement at this point. Keep slashing and burning killer you’ll get one right yet. LOL, Max


As Sturmovik mentioned, look at the Spitfire.

And you can also look at the P-38.

And they only have one livery of each

Of course… He wants to meet the forum feature request topic rules


I would like this livery but maybe on the dc-3 but it’s a nice plane not sure if they still use it. Haven’t watched “Ice pilots” as the show is called in a while it was a good show.

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How could we forget the “Fork-tailed devil”.

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They still operate that aircraft here in Alaska as well.

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