Douglas DC-3

Definitely an interesting add on choice, considering everybody just talks about airliner reworks and the A220.

We need multi props in the game ๐Ÿ˜

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Legendary indeed - definitely worthy of a bump! You got my vote!

Check out these photos of Alaskan DC-3

Alaska Based Operators with Photos

Bush Air Cargo

Trans Northern Cargo

Everts Air Cargo

Golden Ear Aviation (I know it says Ozark Air Lines but Is operated and known as GEA)

Desert Air (Partners with Bush Air Cargo)

Old Alaska Airlines (No longer in operation)

The distinguished Douglas Commercial 3 was the epoch of the Golden Age of Flying and Commercial Aviation. It became the foundation for the national fleets of airlines around the world.

Source by Steve Homewood

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Ten char



Piston engines for life!

It would be so awesome to have a DC-3 in infinite flight. It would add more diversity to the fleet + a vintage, tail dragger airplane that can be used to fly passengers and/or cargo.

There are now turbo prop versions of the DC-3 such as the bassler but it would be great to have the original DC-3 with a C-47 livery :)

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