Douglas DC-3

I love the turboprop conversions for dc-3. One turboprop dc-3 is called the tri-turbo. I agree that they should add the Basler BT-67


Im not sure what he meant the DC-3 is made by Douglas and the Dash 8 is made by DeHaviland

Just a little something like this.


Hey! I was one of those at PANC last week, it was blue and didn’t have skis because its summer.

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It is to make its service life last longer.

If they add this someday they should have the Johnson flying service livery on it, from my most favorite plane in the world Miss Montana DC-3 to Normandy

That’s the Canadians they’re up here doing some research. I have pictures of it at ANC

Oh cool. That makes sense. It’s not uncommon to see cargo DC-6s there either.

Everts still operates them they crashed one a few weeks back though

Really? I didn’t hear about that. Now I have something to google. 😂

We need more historical planes along with the warbirds update.


I think IF has a shortage of both GA and Warbirds.

I mean really that they should add more WW2 and GA aircraft.

Yeah but it’s not like IF has a turboprop category on the aircraft selection panel

I think there in the same category but just different airplanes.

How cool would it be to have a classic like that in Infinite Flight? You got my vote.


MaxSez: Let have a commercial Tail Dragger revival and add a real legend to the Trash Hauler inventory. Be it turbo or straight reciprocal with Wasp’s we owe this aviator Friendly Flying Machine a place in the IF inventory. The previous comments that go back to 2016 need a relook as they tell the tail that tipped the commercial aviation scale. Want a first hand look watch “Ice Pilot” on SMITH Tv or UTube’s multiple DC-3 segments. I have a long history with this bird which goes back to childhood. Give this guy (me & the 3) a vote and make my day.


The DC-3 Swissair livery looks nice on itimage


Love doing that with the Xcub

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Would love to have this classic bird in Infinite Flight! You got my vote <3