Douglas DC-3

Since we have the Dash-8 why don’t we get it’s granddaddy in game. The DC-3 is still getting quite a bit of use in Africa and South America plus it was almost literally used by every airline and air force in the 40s and 50s. The tail dragger would be a lot of fun to fly and capable on landing pretty much anywhere you want.


I think its still being used in Alaska as an aircraft with skis.


Im suprised that this wasnt requested before.

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Northern Canada

One flies cargo from Long Beach to Catalina. That would be a nice flight.


I’ve figured how to land the Spitfire, so now I want another tail dragger.

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Yeah they are still pretty popular and I would have taken a ride on a Pan Am one of it wasn’t raining. Would have had to wait for several hours in a hard cold rain.

I posted a pic of it in a closed topic but a company uses it to take people to camps for fishing and hunting and rafting and stuff like that in the summer. The company mainly flies 3 of them and another company uses them for freighters called dessert air


Two words: Super Decathlon.


I like other type of tail draggers.

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That’s understandable. With the Super D being an aerobatic aircraft it can’t be for everyone.

True I do really enjoy flying the Decathlon but it’s not as historically significant as the DC-3. Also it’s not a passenger or cargo aircraft .

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I say “YAY”.

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Aerobatic aircraft aren’t my cup of tea, I like warbirds and transports more.


I might get flagged for this, but if FSX can have it so can we…

You want to know what’s funny. Yay is 100% and Nay is 0%

yes. please add the DC3


I’d be interested to see the cockpit of that beast simulated in IF

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Why not? This mega-idol deserves a spot in infinite-flight. Nice to have a turn from commercial…


And my grandfather jumped out of the DC-3s in WWII at D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge and Nijmegan