Douglas DC-3/C-47 Skytrain


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Douglas DC-3

You made the good topic for older planes.
Here there is the DC-3 in military version (C-47).



Dear god I could go on forever…


Not sure if this has been brought up but think this would be a fun plane to fly around


The DC-3 made it possible to put almost anyone (or anything) anywhere, anytime. Only the helicopter would develop a more complete reach – but the DC-3 would continue to carry far greater loads, much farther and faster.

Still not retired, 75 years after the DC-3’s birth – three-quarters of a century – many of them are still in regular use around the world – despite the fact that even the “newest” ones are at least 65 years old.

The DC-3 was THE pivotal aircraft in making mass transportation by air a reality. Nothing before it had accomplished that. Most aviation historians agree that the DC-3 is the most important aircraft in the history of the world.


Buffalo Airways!


Personally I don´t want the DC-3. Why? Because when I fly the Spitfire, I can´t make an straight take off run, so I think it´ll be the same with the DC-3.

Though it´s historical importance is undeniable.


Bringing this back up because it’s a necessary plane. So beautiful…


I want the Aerolíneas Argentinas livery!


Need a big tail dragger like this to fill out the portfolio!


The Douglas DC-3 would be awesome in IF, something different (another prop!) and older than other aircraft
Qantas Douglas DC-3! - It would be funny seeing Qantas Virtual operating this

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