Douglas DC-1

In IF we only have the modern jet liners and not very many aircraft from the 1930s and 40s. I think that we should have a broader range of aircraft from a century ago.

The Douglas DC-1 was introduced in 1933 as a prototype for TWA. The DC-1 was very advanced for its day. Its fuselage was streamlined, as were its wings and engine cowlings. It featured all-metal construction and retractable landing gear. Variable-pitch propellers gave the plane remarkable takeoff and landing characteristics. With plush seats, a kitchen, and a comfortable restroom, the DC-1 set a new standard for passenger comfort.

The DC-1 carried 12 passengers and could fly as fast as 180 mph (289 kph). In April 1935, it set a transcontinental speed record, covering the distance from Los Angles, Calif., to New York in 11 hours, five minutes.

TWA placed an order for 25 larger aircraft designated the DC-2. Enlarged once more, the DC-2’s basic design evolved into the world-famous DC-3. For all the DC-1’s historical significance, only one was built.

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The beautiful DC-1. Gotta be one of the most revolutionary aircraft ever, since we wouldn’t have planes such as the DC-3 without it. Sadly I’m out of votes but I’d love to see this.


This would be an interesting plane to have, but it doesn’t really make sense for a game that is intent on adding newer, faster, and stronger planes.

How bout a C-47… just a thought…


Imma clear up a vote for this :)

I voted … :)

This brigs me back jk I’m not that old (no offense to anyone) ;D

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