Douglas Dakota 3

Please may I gain support for the adding of the DC-3
In buffalo air colours (ice pilots)
And war bird colours

Its a truly iconic aircraft with some funky flight characteristics . The art of a reducing drag on a tail dragger if added the DC-3 would be a certain favourite please show support for our old birds

Help me breathe life back into this amazing AIRCRAFT through infinite flight

Many many thanks for reading hope the idea gets your vote .

This aircraft battles Canada’s worst weather in the north west territories
Buffalo air still operates six of these aircraft.

I hope the day comes when I can call in whilst on APPROACH to yellowknife in a DC-3 on infinite flight

This aircraft was proven as a GREAT in world war 2

Hey there! I strongly recommend adding a picture to your feature request so then we can all see what it looks like!
I have also taken the liberty of editing your title to only “Douglas Dakota 3”.

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Thankyou I forgot about that cheers

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Actually, upon looking around a little bit more, it looks like we already have a Douglas DC-3 feature request! The latest reply is from about a month ago, and it has 16 votes. However, if you can increase the quality of this thread (pictures, detail, etc) then I think we can contact a mod about getting that one closed.

There’s the link for your reference.

Hopefully we can get her added she is a real pleasure to fly pilot or passenger

Hey there again! Just remember that we can only have 1 picture per feature request. :)

Adding on to @MrMrMan, please only one picture per request and always include a link from where you found the picture:

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I’d also strongly recommend that you add more detail to the topic, so then we don’t have to close this one in favor of the other thread linked above. Give aircraft details, specs, operators, just more detail in general!