Doubts about Infinite Flight Pro and Planes

Hello! I have some doubts about planes in Infinite Flight Pro

When I’m pro, I can download and fly with any aircraft without paying no more for this, right?

Sooo, when my pro sub end, can i still flying with these aircrafts? Or just the aircrafts that i have bought previously?

thank u so much!

With the subscription, you get access to all planes and the whole globe along with the servers. After it ends, you get regions and only the planes that are either free and the ones you purchased individually. Thanks!

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@Delta350 beat me to it by just a few seconds, so I’m editing my comment… what he said:) ☝️☝️

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You are basically hiring the aircraft. Once you stop paying the hire is over and you lose everything, unless it’s been paid for individually.

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You also have the option to buy planes singularly (correct me if I’m wrong on if this option has been removed since the Global update).

Yes, you are correct. @ChiknNRice

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@Delta350 Thank u so much!