doubts about ATC

Hello everyone, I wanted to know how to turn an ATC of the IF, I need to talk to a moderator or something?

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If you’re talking about joining IFATC, this should be very helpful.

Make sure you meet all of the requirements, and then contact one of the recruiters listed!


so ok, thanks for the help

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If you just want to know how to be a controller, then follow these steps!

Click on "Air Traffic Control"

Where it says “Stations”, click that and select a airport! Then select two frequencies [Tower/Ground or Approach/Departure].

Then Hit “Control” and you’re on your way!! :)

Hope that this is what you wanted… If you wanted to know how to control on Expert, then follow ROCOCOCO’s (@RTG113) Directions.


yes, I wanted to be on the expert server


Alright! Best of luck with your training leading up to the practical! :)

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Be sure to see ATC tutorials prior to contacting a recruiter.

We also have a training team, you can PM one of them to begin training.

Good luck!