Hello, I was doing a flight and when I was landing I noticed this drawing on the track and I was in doubt, what is the purpose of this drawing or is it just a bug?

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Where was this at? Thanks


I like it! We can hold STOL competitions!


I was landing at that airport KNKX

These are small landing strips, usually found at military airports, for fighter jets to practice “aircraft carrier” style landings.


I thought it was an airport bug

It’s in the file, although it probably shouldn’t be. The airport is really old, and therefore done to different standards, so it may be redone in the future, and they will likely be removed if this is the case.


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It’s there in real life as well.
Northrop Grumman have facilities there.



It is a practice runway for Fighter Jets. The runway is the same outline as a Naval Carrier has.

The shading I would guess, has to be re- shaded or something to blend like Seb’s picture. Looks irregular and out of place.

I don’t mind it the way it is. I like having them at the air stations that they are at in real life for some carrier patterns.

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