Doubt about violations

Hi, i have a doubt why do I always get two aerobatics violations when i crash? It should be one right? That is how the simulator is configured?
imagen configured?


Nope you will continue to receive any violation if you continue doing whatever got you the first violation.


Its the third time that happens to me, when i crash i get two aerobatic violations

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How exactly did you crash? As you didn’t get any overspeed violations…

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You are receiving acrobatic violations due to excessive bank angles, pitch attitudes and so on. Stop crashing at an airfield and you won’t receive these.


I got a cramp when i took off, I activated AP when I saw it was crashed with two violations, whenever I crash it is two not one. :/

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Okay but it’s because you didn’t act immediately after you received the first one. If I am at Mach .92 and I get one violation I will continue to get them unless I slow down under the overspeed limit.

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I dont think so, the three times i got crashed i got two violations not one. 🤔

You can believe us or not it really doesn’t matter. You received them for the reasons stated above. Accept it or not that’s what happened.

You get a warning, 20 seconds later you get a violations, 20 seconds later you get another. So whatever you were doing it was for 40 seconds.

I dont get a warning, it was about 10 seconds, is not the first time, when i crash i appear with 2 violations

Next time try to get a video of it happening.

Do you know why you crashed?
Did you hit the ALT button instead of VS?
@Chris_S In his defense, it sounds like @Enrique_Fernandez didn’t know he was going to crash, so he probably wouldn’t have taken a video if he didn’t know it was going to happen. Enrique, can you confirm that you didn’t know the airplane crashed until afterwards?

If i take a video crashing you can eliminate de violations?

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