Doubt about using “Line up and wait” as an ATC

Hi everyone, few moments ago, I was practicing Tower at KLAX in Trainign server.
Two aircrafts expected the same runway (6R I think), so I cleared the first in line to takeoff (Nº 1), and during the time after he left the ramp but before he was airborne, I ask the second one (Nº 2) to line up and wait (Maybe it is not easy to understand lol, just take care of the pic otherwise).

Did I act right or I should have asked him to still holding short ?

In IF, that’s completely acceptable. In fact, I often find myself clearing for takeoff using anticipated separation.

Once the aircraft on takeoff roll hits about 100 knots, I clear the plane holding short for takeoff. Saves messages that way.

But yes, what you did was absolutely fine! It could be done by saving a message though, and just anticipating that separation.


You can clear an aircraft for take-off when the runway is clear which means that an aircraft landed has vacated or the previous aircraft is airborne


Sure, but it is not the matter, this runway was only used for take off !

I often do this too after an experienced ATC has taught me.

Okay, great information ! Thank you so much !

Ye then you did it absolutely right you can clear an aircraft for take-off when the previous is airborne and you can clear an aircraft for line up and wait when the previous aircraft starts its take-off roll

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Great, thank you ! I was a bit doubting about that but it’s over now. Thank you !

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It’s not really linked to this topic, but during the same session (that I tried to do as real as possible) this happened to me, and it’s very annoying meeting some people above rules, and do not take care about any ATC instructions even if it’s not the expert server, but please, at least, take off from a runway ! Not through parking areas !

What do you guys think about that ?

You acted perfectly normally! Don’t worry! As long as you keep a good distance between them, you’ll be completely fine, especially as an IFATC. That being said by someone who rarely ever uses ATC and regrets it fully when I control busy airports.

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That is unfortunately part of the training server life. There’s no consequences for not following instructions, so many run wild without any regard for ATC.

That being said, if you’d like to get serious with ATC, absolutely consider joining.

Check out this topic, and make sure you meet all the requirements!

You can also make a tracking thread do community members can fly with you and give you feedback on your controlling.

Good luck!

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More specifically, you can clear an aircraft for takeoff when you know the previous aircraft will be airborne before the second aircraft begins its takeoff roll. It takes some time for the 2nd aircraft to line up, which goes into what Will was saying about anticipated separation.


Actually I already registered-in for being an IFATC, but because I failed the first test, I want to improve my skills in the training server ! I thank that I knew all, but when I saw the test, I immediately understand that I have of lack of knowledge haha

Have you had a read of the manual or the video tutorials on YouTube?


Try studying up on the IFATC Manual.

Also a lot of the stuff in there is based off the FAA ATC Manual which you can find here since you like to be realistic.

Let me know if you have questions.

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Technically this breaks all the rules. The runway must be clear before take-off clearance can be given to an aircraft. An example: You clear aircraft no.2 for take-off as you estimate the previous departing is passing 100kts. You get distracted by, say an inbound calling, the first departing aircraft has a reason to stop on the runway and you have cleared the one behind for take-off. Whilst you’re “looking out the window” at the inbound, at the other end of the runway, a potential catastrophic situation is unfolding. Lessons are learned from previous accidents, and this is a perfect case in hand.

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Clear the second aircraft on holding short for takeoff as soon as the aircraft on takeoff roll hits about 100 knots is safe and efficient in keeping the flow of departures in Infinite Flight considering there is no imminent arrival on the runway. The second aircraft will take time to enter and align with the runway. Enough time for the aircraft on takeoff roll reach V1 and start the climb leaving the runway clear. In case of aborting takeoff roll the second will maintain the position aligned on the runway.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

The rules say you may use anticipated separation for takeoff clearance. It does not break the rules as long as you have a reasonable expectancy that the appropriate separation will be achieved before the aircraft starts takeoff roll. Usually 6,000ft and airborne according to the FAA 7110.65Y

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