Doubt about the A350

Hey guys I have a really quick question,

The wings of the A350 are supposed to be white aren’t they?


So why it’s like gray in IF?


It may just be the lighting but the colors in the two pictures look very similar


I flew it yesterday and the wings were perfectly white, so not sure what to tell ya there, maybe try spawning in another time to see if it changes back to white, or maybe even turn up your brightness,etc.

I also agree with that. ^

I guess 💁🏻

The aircraft in the IRL photo is somewhere closer to the sun. In IF, if you climb high, the wings have a glossy white look :)

The lighting doesn’t look the same, so it may have an effect on the color.

You are just paying extra attention to the colour

It’s not a big difference tho

Some airlines paint the wings white like Air France

And I guess some airlines paint the wings gray like in the A359 carbon livery image

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I have no big deal honestly but it’s easy to notice this difference of colors specially using the Air France livery in IF👀

Wings in IF aren’t as reflective as in real life, so that’s probably the case. Reflections are cool only until you consider how much resources they consume.


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