Doubt about the A330

Hey guys my question is

Why the A330 rework request was closed?

It was almost a year ago and I’m curious to know if the A330 gonna be the next aircraft to being reworked.

Thank you!

Hi! It was said that the team had noted it down.

Check out the full answer here:

And for your question about the rework, who knows 🤷‍♂️


I would also like to hear something about it :(

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So basically, so many people voted for it, that any further vote would be almost insignificant, as it already has one of the highest vote counts in #features. They’ve noticed the request, and have noted it internally. So, they’ve let you have your vote back. However, I do agree that an update on this and other closed feature requests would be very nice.


Yeah, the physics got updated but that was before it was closed and it’s been over a year… not too sure.

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