Doubt about taxiing (Real and Infinite Flight)

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Yesterday I was travelling (Real life) from Asturias-Oviedo (LEAS) to Barcelona (LEBL), via Madrid (LEMD) with Air Europa.

So when my airplane was taxiing, I put my attention on all aircraft taxi lights. I saw some many planes taxing with landing lights and strobe. My surprise was it, when I saw an E195 parking with Landing Lights (I supposed that they were it) PS: It was a photo, sorry for the quality.

How I have to manage the lights on IF? Until now, I putted landing and strobes lights at the holding point, Am I doing well?

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Yes, ideally you put them on once cleared to enter the runway.

In real life they have more lights on the plane than what you have available in Infinite Flight. They have taxi lights that are not in the sim. There also may be geographical differences with procedures. In the US the wing strobes are turned off for taxiing unless they are needed in certain areas. The red beacon strobes are on when the plane is not parked at the gate. There are all sorts of situations that are done differently around the world depending on the location and even plane type.


Your best bet would be to turn on strobes once you enter the runway.

I can tell you from real world experience, when a pilot has their strobes on and aren’t on a runway, it’s a distraction. They distract your attention, especially at night.

Landing lights can be used as taxi lights if you prefer, though. (In IF)


Adding: From my experience watching some documentaries/videos of IRL flights:

Normally Beacon on when engines running or you’re moving (very soon) (Generally from Gate shortly before push back Tomate after engine shutdown).

Taxi Lights for taxi (often when taxi clearance is received and taxi is imminent) (I personally use landing lights in IF as a replacement).

Taxi lights are switched off mostly when turning into the parking position after landing.

Landing lights from 10000feet till vacating the runway on approach and from line-up to 10000feet on departure.

Strobes from line-up to vacating.

Hope this helps!

As you see on your picture this might be different at certain airports/airlines depending on airline‘s SOPs and many other factors. Could the parking position of the Air Europa be a spot you can exit yourself I stead of having to pushback?


They are also used from Take off to 10,000ft


That’s right (and in my original post as well). Thanks for the remark nonetheless.


It wasn’t in your post when I seen it so that’s why I made the remark

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Haven’t changed that part though. (Nearly 100% sure). Anyways, now it’s there for sure.



Thanks you for all your answers. I will apply all your indications right now.

@JulianB the airplane was parked at Terminal 3 (I think from T31 to T35) , I thought, it wasn’t able to exiting itself.

Thanks again to all of you. I think that this topic can be closed.

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To add to Julian, taxi lights are most commonly used to indicate to the ground crew (where applicable) that you are ready to taxi, having received clearance and request the Marshaller to direct you out of your parking spot.

I see this commonly at work. I even ask my colleagues to use the taxi light to let me know when they have received clearance, although I also wear a headset with an attached radio.


Does definitely not look like a self-exit but a classic pushback stand (on Google Earth).

Also thanks to @Jack_BC for those very interesting real life information!


I can’t speak for every airline because every airline has their own procedures but I’ll give you a summary from our Company Flight Manual on the CRJ:
Nav/logo lights are to be on anytime the aircraft has power (switch always left on)
Beacon is turned on just prior to pushback, engine start, or ground movement.
Taxi lights are turned on when intending to taxi aircraft and stopped when giving way or stopping.
Landing lights, strobes, and wing inspection lights are turned on when entering any active runway (consideration should be given at night to other aircraft in the immediate vicinity to avoid blinding or ruining night vision adaptation), exception is if given line up and wait, landing lights may remain off until given takeoff clearance.
Landing lights, taxi lights, and wing inspection lights turned off above 18,000 ft. (Similar to takeoff, all the lights come on below 18,000 ft except for the nose landing light until we get cleared to land: just a helpful tactile and visual reminder)

Hope this helps. Even when flying in IF, I go by these guidelines


There is a topic on this in the Infinite Flight FAQ


Thanks to all for your answers!

I have other doubt, I read in IF a post talking about the Dublin airport and its taxi procedures, a colleague talked that the most used runway configuration was 28/10, and it used 16/34 to taxi.

In this case, which lights I have to use? It´s true that I would be taxiing but in a runway.

Thanks in advance!


as far as the “landing lights” being on at the gate, you do have to remember that lights need to be checked at certain intervals, so that aircraft might have been being checked out

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We have the beacon on when the ignition is on in rl. Some of our guys fly with all the lights on at day, some fly with just the beacon on in day as its usually to bright to see or make them out anyway. At night there are specific colours visible at certain angles to help with spotting orientation. A white light is at the rear of the aircraft which could be confused with a landing light. Saying that we usually put the landing light on at night once in the circuit.

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