Double Trouble

Hello IFC, today I decided to have a Cargolux day flying the 747-8F around North America. After arriving from Luxembourg City overnight into Mexico city my first day trip was Mexico City to Dallas Ft. Worth with CV606 (Images 1-3) my second route, Dallas to Miami, I managed to pick up a friend (@Fidi) to do a group flight, which gave some great photo opportunities. (Images 4-8)

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8F
Route # in order of flights: CV6606-CV6584, CV6595

Goodbye Mexico City! πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Hello Dallas, TX!

Loading up for the next journey with @Fidi.

Departure out of Dallas!

Two makes a pair.

And safely landed!

Majority rules, which one do you like better?

  • Atlas Air
  • Cargolux

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Great photos, too bad we don’t have the Atlas Air 744F, and only the passenger/charter version.

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WOW such good pictures taken here way to go @Fidi and @Aceorbit! keep it up